Dissemination and Communication

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Disseminating and Communication

Communication systems are needed for delivering warning messages to the potentially affected locations to alert local and regional governmental agencies. The messages need to be reliable, synthetic and simple to be understood by authorities and the public. Warnings must reach those at risk. Clear messages containing simple, useful information are critical to enable proper responses that will safeguard lives and livelihoods. Regional, national and community level communication systems must be pre-identified and appropriate authoritative voices established. The use of multiple communication channels is necessary to ensure as many people as possible are warned, to avoid failure of any one channel, and to reinforce the warning message.

The warnings need to get to those at risk.  Consequently, people at risk need to understand these warnings, which have to contain useful information that enables proper responses. Communication channels from regional to national to community levels have to be pre-identified and it is necessary to have one authoritative voice. The Office of National Security has the sole mandate for communicating and disseminating disaster information in Sierra Leone.

                    Emergency Sirens in Bumbuna [Photo Credit: INTEGEMS]